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Minnieha was born in 1965 into a family with a rich Romany Gypsy heritage. Her father,  from a large family of Coal Miners was a direct descendant of the  Welsh Romani Gypsy clan.

Since aged 16 she was in  a  science based area working in Oral Health  first as a dental assistant then eventually completing a Bachelor, Post Grad and Grad Diploma in this field of Oral Health. Minnieha has travelled as far as Madagascar to work in poverty stricken areas and has long had a strong need to  help those less fortunate. Drawn to tarot reading, with a desire to become a respected tarot consultant, she has studied the language of intuition “Tarot” for many years and has qualifications as a Reiki Master/Teacher and Crystal Reiki Teacher and is a certified Tarot Reader and natural healer.

Reiki Lineage; Mikao Usui..> chujiro Hayashi..>Hawayo Takata..>Phyllis Furomoto…>Claudia Hoffman..>Mary Shaw..>Christine Henderson..> Bruce Way..>Arianne McMinn..>Mona Khalaf..>Dharmadevi..> Melissa Crowhurst..> Linda GrundyReiki


Tessa is an  SHINPIDEN MASTER REIKI TEACHER. who is passionate about spreading the word about Reiki and the teachings of DR MIKAYO USUI the Japanese founder of REIKI.
Tessa is currently studying for her doctorate in Metaphysical Science and has formal qualifications in Hypnosis, NLP, Tarot, Crystal REIKI, Animal REIKI, Aura cleansing and healing, Reflexology and psychic development.

Minnieha with sister Tess, a Psychic and Clairvoyant/Medium ,   provide insightful, honest  and accurate Gypsy readings that answer the inquirers questions about life whether it be love, health, money or business .
Minnieha and sister Tess  established Gypsy City, with a vision to connect a community for all things metaphysical as well as an education platform where Minnieha and Tess run online courses in Reiki, Crystal Reiki and Tarot.

Although the history of fortune telling is surrounded by myth, mystery and speculation there are many well accepted theories concerning tarots origins. Occult scholars believe the tarot was created in China around the eleventh century.
Gypsies have been credited for bringing the Tarot from Egypt to Europe, where its secrets were studied and revealed around the 14th century.

During the middle ages the Roman Catholic Church condemned and suppressed the use of Tarot cards, this drove the devotees of Tarot to change the original images and symbols to more acceptable versions. Over the years, fortune telling has become well known in the Western world and Tarot has grown in popularity.
There are many different decks to choose from. The Rider Waite deck, designed by Pamela Coleman Smith under the direction of Arthur E. Waite in the early 1900’s is perhaps the most popular tarot deck because it tells a clear story with beautiful self-explanatory explanations.

We are privileged to offer answers to questions you have with our online Tarot Readings using intuition, a combination of tarot decks, psychic ability and our desire and compassion for an ethical honest service.

Comprehensive readings  available to be booked on  request

Minnieha & Tess

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